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Mount. Victoria or Natmataung

It is a major visiting site in southern Chin State and comes up to an elevation of about 10,500 feet. Mt. Victoria in Chin State is snow freed from all around the year but could freeze water over in the depths of the cold season. The mountain is eventually not so rocky and steep enough thus sharing a favourable topography for mountaineering and trekking. As the common nature, rough tracks, strong wind, the intense could, and tiredness are inevitably encountered. But, all these would surely be vanished in no time seeing and enjoying of beautiful mountain scenery and tranquility of the nature together with the treasonous flora and fauna of the sanctuary; such as red rhododendron, white rhododendron, primula, fern, firs, pines and orchids as well as tigers, leopards, bears, sambars, barking deers, birds and butterflies including rare species.

In northern Chin State, the town of Tidim is popularly known as the prettiest town of Chin State. Reid Lake in the form of human heart shape and scenic Kannedy Peak are, of course, fairly popular and should be visited worthwhile.

The traditional ceremonies and feasts of Chin people are usually held together with dances and musical instruments of drum, gong and horn so on.